Workshop Chair: Dr. R. Folorunsho

Organizing Committee:

Mr. M. Belbeoch

Dr. R. Folorunsho

Dr. S. Garzoli

Ms. J. Gray

Dr. K. A. Konneh

Dr. R. Molinari

Dr. S. Piotrowicz

Ms S. Pouliquen

Dr. C. Reason

Dr. C. Schmid

Ms L. Staegemann

Local Organizing Committee:

Mr. A.K. Armah (chair)

Dr. George Wiafe

Mr. Selorm D. Ababio

Dr. Elvis Nyarko

Mr. Emmanuel Lamptey

Day 1:Tuesday, 5 December

I.                Introduction (0830 to 1030)

A.     Opening Prayer: Laila Antwi-Lartey

B.     Introduction of Chairman: Mr. A. K. Armah

C.     Opening remarks by Chairman: Prof. Eric Ago Kwei

D.     Welcoming remarks by local dignitaries and sponsoring agencies:

a.       Welcome Address by the Dean of Faculty of Science: Prof. Fred Rodriques

b.      Objectives and remarks from the sponsors:

Dr. Steve Piotrowicz (NOAA-AOML)

Dr. Regina Folorunsho (START)

Dr. Judy Gray (NOAA-AOML)

c.       Remarks by GCLME sponsor/IGCC: Dr. J. Abe

d.      Keynote Address by Pro Vice-Chancellor, University of Ghana: Prof. Kwesi Yankah

E.      Closing remarks by Chairman: Prof. Eric Ago Kwei

F.      Closing Prayer: Laila Antwi-Lartey

G.     Group photograph (Newspaper Article)

H.     Break (1030-1100)


II.               The Argo Program: Chair, Dr. Steve Piotrowicz

A.     The evolution of Argo: Dr. Steve Piotrowicz (1100-1130) (Movie1 Movie2)

B.     International Argo structure, International Argo Steering Team, Data Management Team, etc.: Mr. Mathieu Belbeoch (1130-1200)

C.     Description of floats, float missions, sampling rates, accuracies, etc.: Dr. Howard Freeland (1200-1300) (Movie1, Movie2)

D.     Lunch (1300-1430)

E.      Societal benefits that can be satisfied by operational activities using Argo data: Ms. Judy Gray (1430-1500)


III.             Data management of Argo data: Chair, Mr. Mathieu Belbeoch

A.     Introduction to Argo Data Management Methods: Dr. Thierry Carval (1500-1530)

B.     Break (1530-1600)

C.     Real time Data Assembly Center (DAC) activities: Dr. Claudia Schmid (1600-1645)

D.     Delayed mode quality control methods: Dr. Claudia Schmid (1645-1730)


Day 2: Wednesday, 6 December

E.      Global DAC activities, including description of how to access information on status of array and profile data: Dr. Thierry Carval (0830-0930)

F.      Regional DAC activities: Dr. Claudia Schmid and Dr. Thierry Carval (0930-1030)

G.     Break (1030-1045)


IV.             Background information on South Atlantic physical and biological characteristics: Chair, Ms. Judy Gray

A.     Summary of South Atlantic physical oceanography and meteorological characteristics relevant to operational requirements: Dr. Claudia Schmid (1045-1130) (Movie)

B.     Summary of coastal eastern South Atlantic physical oceanography and meteorological characteristics: Dr. Bernard Bourles and Dr. Claudia Schmid (1130-1215)

C.     Lunch (1215-1400)

D.     Marine Ecosystems, National Jurisdiction and Argo in West Africa: Dr. Larry Awosika, Dr. Regina Folorunsho (1400-1500)


V.              Use of Argo data: Chair, Dr. Regina Folorunsho

A.     Combining Argo data with other temperature and salinity data to generate climatologies and nowcasts of physical properties: Dr. Claudia Schmid

B.     Use of Argo data to initialize climate forecast models and use of model results: Dr. Sylwia Trzaska (1500-1600)

C.     Break (1600-1615)

D.  Combining Argo data with other in situ and remote observations to provide analyses of coastal physical oceanographic properties: Ms. Judy Gray

VI.          Interactive Training

            A.    Practical Interactions with Argo Experts (1615-1745)


Day 3: Thursday, 7 December,

            B.    Practical Interactions with Argo Experts (830-1045)

            C.    Break (1045-1100)


VII.         Acknowledge the Argo trainers: Dr. Claudia Schmid, Dr. Sylwia Trzaska, Mr. Mathieu Belbeoch, Dr. Thierry Carval, and Dr. Howard Freeland (1100)


VIII.        Potential Contributions of western African countries to international Argo project: Dr. Steve Piotrowicz (1100-1130)


IX.            Roundtable Discussion

A.     Establishing priorities for regional operational use of Argo data: Regina Folorunsho (1130-1215)

B.    Establishing methodology to achieve regional operational goals: Chair: Mr. A.K. Armah & Judy Gray (1215-1300)


X.              Panel Discussion on development of an action plan to implement workshop recommendations, Panel Members: Dr. Regina Folorunsho, Ms. Judy Gray, Mr. Mathieu Belbeoch, Dr. Thierry Carval, Dr. Howard Freeland, Dr. Claudia Schmid, Mr. A. K. Armah (1300-11345)


XI.           Closing Remarks: Dr. Regina Folorunsho (1345-1400)


XII.          Lunch (1400)


XIII.        Bus at hotel for dinner pick-up