Tropical Cyclone Intensification

Studies that investigate the link between the ocean and cyclone intensification by the use of observations and numerical models.


Tropical Cyclone Heat Potential

Joaquin Trinanes, Gustavo Goni, and Francis Bringas

This project studies the relation between tropical cyclone intensification and the upper ocean thermal structure. Go

Ocean Model Evaluation and Improvement for Coupled Hurricane Forecast Models

George Halliwell

This project evaluates ocean model SST forecasts under hurricane forcing with the overarching goal of improving ocean model performance in coupled hurricane forecast models. Go

NOAA/AOML - CARICOOS Hurricane Underwater Gliders

Gustavo Goni, and Sang-Ki Lee

The work carried-out by this project will provide 3500 to 4500 profile observations per year with the goal of improving: (1) hurricane intensity forecasts and (2) hurricane seasonal forecasts. Go