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Field Work

A new hurricane glider mission is currently underway in the Caribbean Sea and the Tropical North Atlantic. During this mission the gliders will be performing the same repeated transects as in previous missions and/or targeted observations before/during/after the passage of a tropical cyclone.  This mission is planned until November, and the gliders will collect approximately 5,000 profiles of a suite of parameters, including temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, dissolved organic matter, and chlorophyll. Data will be transmitted in real-time into the GTS and used to initialize ocean-atmospheric numerical models.  The operations are conducted in partnership with CARICOOS (IOOS Regional Association Coastal Ocean Observing in the Caribbean Sea and Tropical North Atlantic Ocean), the IOOS Office and NDBC.  AOML operations and piloting will be carried out by Gustavo Goni, Francis Bringas, Grant Rawson, Ricardo Domingues, Ulises Rivero, and Thomas Sevilla.  Field operations will be lead by our CARICOOS partners Dr. Julio Morell and Mr. Luis Pomales from the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez.

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You can also find the AOML tweet about it here:  https://twitter.com/ NOAA_AOML/status/ 888096544360202244