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GOM Surface Dynamics Reports during the passage of Hurricane Katrina

Weekly report produced at NOAA/AOML on the conditions of the upper ocean thermal structure and the surface dynamics in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM), estimated using satellite observations and climatological fields during the passage of Hurricane Katrina [pdf].

TCHP featured on the NYtimes

Dr. Gustavo Goni and Joaquin Trinanes work on development of the Tropical Cyclone Heat Potential (TCHP), essentially a mix of measurements that describes how much energy a particular patch of ocean can provide to a passing hurricane, has been feature on a NYtimes on Hurricane Rita [pdf].

Near real-time surface ocean currents, sea surface temperature, wave height and surface wind fields along each leg of the Volvo Ocean Race.

This project is a collaborative effort between NOAA and the Volvo Ocean Race to exchange data and observations to improve these experimental products currently available through different NOAA/AOML and CoastWatch-Caribbean web pages. Go