Session 2

Session 2: Inter-ocean and Inter-hemispheric exchanges:

This session will have the following format.

Presentations leading to answer the following questions for each of the three topics above:
What observations are in place?
What observations are proposed?
What is the objective of each one of the programs?
What are the observations telling us?
Can these plans be integrated to build an ocean-scale observing network/experiment?
What validation of models has already been done in the region?
What are the models telling us?

Session 2.1: Inter-ocean exchanges Pacific/Atlantic

Chair: Provost

Raporteur: Donahue

  1. Meredith
  2. Watts
  3. Provost
  4. Donahue
  5. Owens
  6. Gladyshev
  7. Rupolo
  8. Chereskin

Session 2.2: Inter-ocean exchanges Indian/Atlantic

Chair: Goni

Rapporter: Byrne

  1. Speich
  2. Byrne
  3. Goni
  4. Nof
  5. Macrander
  6. Matano
  7. Wimbush

Session 2.3: Meridional inter-hemispheric fluxes

Chair: Matta

Rapporter: Baringer

  1. Barreiro
  2. Troisi
  3. Baringer
  4. Garzoli
  5. McDonagh
  6. Toisi
  7. Matta
  8. Guerrero
  9. Meinen