Ricardo Campos

Research Interests

Numerical wave modeling with WAVEWATCH III.

Global wave ensemble forecasts, with special attention to week 2 and beyond.

Neural networks applied to wind and wave forecasts.

Extreme value analysis and long-term statistics.

Stochastic process and spectral analysis.

Model validation combined with satellite and buoy data processing.

Ricardo Martins Campos, Ph. D.

Assistant Scientist (University of Miami/CIMAS), Physical Oceanography Division


4301 Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami, Florida 33149

“It is well known that wind-generated ocean waves are very complex to simulate. The combination of numerical models and machine learning algorithms has proven to be an excellent approach to improve the performance of wave forecasts. It is our mission to benefit from all the observations and methods, such as neural networks, to develop the best global wave forecast possible.”

Ricardo has been studying and working in the fields of Ocean Engineering, Physical Oceanography, and Meteorology for the last 18 years, more specifically with ocean waves. Numerical and statistical modeling of wind-generated ocean waves, extreme value analysis, machine learning, and satellite and buoy data processing form part of his main duties. He combines technical background from the industry sector with research experience from universities, as well as being part of international committees and development groups. His knowledge of numerical wave modeling, neural networks, and observations (buoys and satellites) are essential components for the development of a next-generation wave forecast system – his main research interest.

Current Work

Project: “Extending Marine Hazard Information to Week Two and Beyond” (Darin Figurskey)

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2014, Ph. D. Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, IST – University of Lisbon, Portugal

2014, Ph. D. Ocean Engineering, COPPE – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2009, M. Sc. Ocean Engineering, COPPE – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2006, B. Sc. Meteorology, IAG – University of São Paulo, Brazil

  1. Kaiser, J., I.C.M. Nogueira, R.M. Campos, C.E. Parente, R.P. Martins, and W.C. Belo. Evaluation of wave model performance in the South Atlantic Ocean: A study about physical parameterization and wind forcing calibration. Ocean Dynamics, 72(2):137-150, https://doi.org/10.1007/s10236-021-01495-4 2022
    Ref. 4071

DOCENTE EXCELENTE “MODELING OF THE MARINE ENVIRONMENT” (MAM) 2016-2017, Instituto Superior Técnico – Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal 2017

Prêmio Almirante Franco, X OMAR-SAT 2013. IEAPM, Marinha do Brasil 2013

Best Junior Poster of Ocean-atmosphere Interaction, XIV Congresso Brasileiro de Meteorologia 2006