AOML's Ocean Chemistry and Ecosystems Division


➤ Senior Research Associate
➤ 305-361-4554

Dr. Lew Gramer is a physical oceanographer who completed his Ph.D. at the University of Miami's Rosenstiel School in 2013, while researching environmental data streams and knowledge-based ecological forecasts for CHAMP. He is currently a research associate with CHAMP at AOML-OCED in Miami through the University of Miami's Cooperative Institute, and a postdoctoral researcher at Keys Marine Lab through the Florida Institute of Oceanography. His research focuses on the air-sea and dynamical ocean processes that dominate the physical environment of coral reefs and other shallow marine ecosystems, including horizontal convection, upwelling, mixing, and light attenuation. His current projects include tracking turbidity plumes over reefs in Florida and the Pacific from space, characterizing priority sites for reef resilience and restoration in the Caribbean based on oceanography, and quantifying the impact of upwelling on the physical and chemical environment of corals in southeast Florida. These collaborative, multidisciplinary projects incorporate in situ observations of the ocean and atmosphere, computer modeling, and remote sensing using a variety of platforms. Lew also continues to develop new data sources, analyses, and ecological forecasts for the expanding CREWS network in the Caribbean, and for "virtual stations" (reef sites monitored by remote sensing and reanalysis) around the world.