The following is an explanation of the directory contents for the
most recent release (Version D) of the NATL93 database.

NATL93D.DBF - Version D of the NATL93 database.

NATL93.DES - Text file containing a chronological description of all 
             updates/changes to the NATL93 database.  This file
             also contains the file structure for the current version
             of the NATL93 database.

NATL93.UNI - Text file which lists each field (in the order they appear 
             in the NATL93 database) and the units associated with that field.

NATL93.QC  - Text file which lists the WOCE WHP QC (quality control) flags
             and describes the investigator specific qc flags for the
             pCO2 and nutrient data.

NATL93D.CSV - Comma-delimited ascii data file containing all the fields
             in the NATL93 database.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you use FETCH to transfer a *.dbf file to your MAC from
              a FTP location, you must first specify that it is a 
              binary file, then FETCH will prompt you for file TYPE
              and CREATOR.  The file type is XLS4 and the file 
              creator is XCEL (XLS4 and XCEL must be in caps).