A10 CLIVAR/CO2 Repeat Hydrography Cruise

Due to engine problems, the Ronald H. Brown had to return to Cape Town, South Africa for repairs.  The ship departed Cape Town on September 25, 2011 to commence the CLIVAR/CO2 A10 line.  The ship arrived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on October 31, 2011.


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        Cruise Participants

        Station Plan and Schedule

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R/V RONALD BROWN Shipping Address in Charleston, SC:

          NOAA Ship RONALD H. BROWN
          USCG Vessel Support Facility
          1050 Register Street
          Charleston, SC 29405
          Ship's Cell Phone: 843-693-2082

Required information from all cruise participants:

        NOAA Health Services Questionnaire Form

        Emergency Contact Information Form

Required information from foreign national cruise participants:

        Foreign National Security Forms

Required tests and immunizations:

        TB Test

       For the TB test, provide the date and results on the Medical Form.

        Yellow Fever Immunization

       The Yellow Fever immunization is good for 10 years.

Travel and recommended vaccination and immunization information can be
found at the following CDC websites for South Africa and Brazil:

        South Africa


Requirements for transporting chemicals:
Every group has to provide Robert Castle (Robert.Castle@noaa.gov) a
detailed inventory of the chemicals being used: chemical name, MSDS #,
quantity and exact location of storage. No chemicals can be left on
the ship after the cruise without consulting the Chief Scientist.

        Chemical Inventory Sheet

 Last updated Marchc 11, 2019