Best Track Change Committee Comments for 1935

-        Second round of comments – April 10th, 2012

[Replies are boldface – April 2012]


Storm 2:   For Storm #2, you might want to include a note in the metadata summary discussing
the intensity on 24-25 August about the 30+ kt forward motion. The 70 kt ship report and proposed 85-95 kt intensity make more sense when that is considered.

[Agreed.  What is now stated in the metadata:  “A ship reported 70 kt WNW winds with 956 mb pressure at 21 UTC on the 24th.  This suggests maximum winds of at least 93 kt from the Landsea et al. north of 35N pressure-wind relationship.   Additionally, the hurricane was moving around 30 kt on the 24th and 25th.  On the other hand, the system was near 42N at the time of the ship observation and extratropical transition had begun.  Thus intensity is analyzed to be 95 kt at 18 UTC on the 24th and 85 kt at 00 UTC on the 25th.”]

Storm 4:   First, the response did not address the committee's concern about the possible
funneling effects of northerly winds near Veracruz.  Second, the proposed landfall point is 60 miles from Veracruz, and the proposed track doesn't take it closer than 20-30 miles - and that only after a significant passage over land.  That just adds to the doubt whether the Veracruz ob can be taken at face value.  Please re-examine the landfall intensity of this system.

[Agreed.  The landfall (and peak) intensity are lowered to 50 kt.  What is now stated in the metadata:  “Observations available from Veracruz (58 kt N wind sometime late on the 1st) and the pressure reading/drop from Puerto Mexico indicate a stronger cyclone than originally shown.  However, it is possible that some of the strong winds indicated at Veracruz were due to funneling along the Mexican coast, which is a fairly frequent occurrence.  Moreover, the landfall point is about 60 nm from Veracruz, and the track does not take it closer than 20-30 nm - and that only after a significant passage over land.  These points contribute to the concern whether the Veracruz observation can be taken at face value. Intensity is estimated as 50 kt at 18Z on the 1st at landfall, though this is quite uncertain.”]