Mission Summary
20070922H1 Aircraft 42RF
Tropical Depression #10 flight 2007

Scientific Crew (42RF)
LPS/Doppler ScientistJohn Gamache
Doppler ScientistKrystal Valde

Flight Crew (42RF)
PilotsTom Strong
Carl Newman
Flight DirectorTom Shepherd
NavigatorTim Gallagher
Flt. Eng.
Data TechSean McMillan
Elec. TechBill Olney

Mission Plan :

N42RF will fly an Ocean Winds experiment with a pattern accommodating EMC/HRD's 3D Doppler winds experiment into TD#10 over the Gulf of Mexico. It will leave MacDill AFB, FL at 09:00 AM EDT and return eight hours later.

Mission Summary :

This mission was cancelled since Tropical Depression #10 had already come ashore.

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