Mission Summary
20081108I1 Aircraft 43RF
Paloma Rapid Intensity flight 2008

Scientific Crew (43RF)
Lead Project ScientistMike Black
Radar ScientistSilvie Lorsolo
Doppler ScientistPaul Leighton

Flight Crew (43RF)
Flight DirectorBarry Damiano
Flt. Eng.
Data Tech
Elec. Tech

Mission Plan :

N43RF will fly an HRD-tasked Rapid Intensity mission into Hurricane Paloma. It will leave MacDill AFB, FL at 14:00 UTC, and recover at MacDill AFB, FL by 23:00 UTC.

Mission Summary :

Problems :

Mission Data :

Dropsonde plots
700 mb
850 mb
925 mb
1000 mb

One second listing

NetCDF listing

Flight Data Plots

Flight track

Temperature and Moisture

Wind and Atlitude

Flight track detail

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