Mission Summary
20081107I1 Aircraft 43RF
Paloma Rapid Intensity flight 2008

Scientific Crew (43RF)
Lead Project ScientistEric Uhlhorn
Radar ScientistShirley Murillo
Doppler ScientistNeal Dorst

Flight Crew (43RF)
PilotsBarry Choy
Amelia Ebhardt
Flight DirectorPaul Flaherty
NavigatorTim Gallagher
Flt. Eng.P. Floyd
Data TechTerry Lynch
Joe Green
Elec. TechDaemon San Souci

Figure 1. 20081107I1 Flight track.

Mission Plan :

N43RF will fly a rapid-intensification experiment in TS Paloma. It will leave MacDill AFB, FL at 02:00 UTC, and recover at MacDill AFB, FL by 11:00 UTC. Flight altitude will be 12000'.

Drop Plan

Prepared by the Hurricane Research Division
Aircraft: N43RF
Altitude: FL180-250
Proposed takeoff: 07/0200Z
(d m)
(d m)
(h mm)
MACDILL0. 0.0:00
122 0085 06 379.379.1:25
2S16 3684 1275/270329.707.2:48
3S16 3681 3675/090150.857.3:26
4S17 5182 5475/000106.963.3:53
5S15 2182 5475/180150.1113.4:31
6S15 4381 5975/135 57.1170.4:46
7S17 2983 4975/315150.1320.5:25
8S15 4383 4975/225106.1427.5:52
9S17 2981 5975/045150.1577.6:30
1022 0085 06 324.1900.7:43

Mission Summary :

Take off Landing
MacDill AFB, FL02:45 UTC MacDill AFB, FL11:50 UTC

The flight plan consisted of a rotated figure-4 to obtain 4 Doppler wind analyses. N43RF departed KMCF at 0245 UTC after a small delay due to an AVAPS hardware glitch. Cuban airspace clearance was not obtained, somewhat increasing the ferry time to the IP, which was reached at 0522 UTC 105 nmi to W of storm. The MSLP for Leg #1 was found to be 993 mb (although likely displaced from the center), and a peak surface wind of 68 kts from GPS was found in the E eyewall, indicating Paloma was very near hurricane intensity. Leg #1 was completed at 0613 UTC, and N43RF turned to NW heading to a point N of center. Leg #2 began at 0637 UTC heading S, passing through the center (MSLP 984 mb), and ending at 0714 UTC next turning to NE. Leg #3 started to SE of storm heading NW at 0726 UTC. Leg #3 ended at 0803 UTC, with the center GPS drop failing to measure the MSLP. Leg #4 was begun at 0821 UTC SW of the storm heading NE for a final pass through the storm (MSLP 982 mb) and terminated at 0901 UTC to the NE of the center. N43RF returned to KMCF at 1150 UTC.

Four Doppler wind analyses were produced and transmitted off the plane.

Figure 2. LF radar reflectivity at beginning (0554 UTC) and end (0839 UTC) of flight.

Figure 3. SFMR surface and flight level wind speeds for the four passes.

Summary of Expendables
GPS dropwindsondes 23
AXBTs 14/16

Problems :

The original plan called for 32 GPS sondes to be released, with somewhat high density during each eyewall pentration. The AVAPS hardware problem limited this capability, and as a result, only 23 were ultimately deployed.

24 April 2009

Mission Data :

Dropsonde plots
700 mb
850 mb
925 mb
1000 mb

One second listing

NetCDF listing

Flight Data Plots

Flight track

Temperature and Moisture

Wind and Atlitude

Flight track detail

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