Mission Summary
20110910I1 Aircraft 43RF
Ocean Winds Mission Tropical Storm Nate

Scientific Crew (43RF)
Lead ScientistPaul Chang (NESDIS)
ObserverZorana Jelenak (NESDIS)
ObserverJoe Sapp (NESDIS)
AXBT ScientistJoe Cione (HRD)
Radar ScientistRob Rogers (HRD)
Dropsonde ScientistBrad Klotz (HRD)

Mission Plan :

NOAA 43RF will fly a NESDIS-tasked Ocean Winds mission into Tropical Storm Nate in the Bay of Campeche. The P-3 will leave Macdill AFB, FL by 1400 UTC and will land back at Macdill AFB, FL by 2300 UTC the that day.

Mission Summary :

Due to fuel leaks on N43RF, this mission was cancelled.

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