Mission Summary
20180731H1 Aircraft 42RF
DWL Test

Aircraft Crew (42RF)
Aircraft CommanderRobert Mitchell
Co-pilotJohn Rossi
Flight EngineerKen Heystek
NavigatorPete Freeman
Flight DirectorRich Henning
System Engineer
Data TechnicianMike Mascaro
Dropsonde OperatorSean Paul
Dropsonde OperatorJim Warnecke

Scientific Crew (42RF)
Lisa BucciLPSHRD
Jun ZhangRadarHRD
Dave EmmittObserverSimpson Wx Assoc.

Mission Plan :

There are several objectives to the test flight. First is to test and collect data to calibrate the newly installed Doppler Wind Lidar. Another is for flight directors to receive training on the new MMR lower fuselage radar. The final objectives are to test the transmission of BUFR data generated after deploying a dropsonde and to test drop an AXBT.

When calibrating the DWL, the plane needs to flight straight and level (box an area, if possible) in a cloud/rain free region over land (no wetlands). Ideal altitude to fly at is about 2000 feet. Once completed, the plane will ascend and fly near, but not into rain and convection to demonstrate the MMR. The plane will descend to about 2000 feet over the water and test drop an AXBT before climbing to 10000 feet to test drop the dropsonde.

Planned take off is 1300 EDT.

Mission Summary :

Take off Landing
Linder-Lakeland Airport, FL 19:47 UTC Linder-Lakeland Airport, FL 21:07 UTC

The MMR suffered a "catastrophic" failure and no training was available for the flight. Several AOC employees opted to not fly as a result. Prior to preflight, a faulty fuel cross valve was identified. Take off was delayed to repair the valve.

The DWL collected data needed for calibration and demonstrated the ability to process and transmit a preliminary version of wind speed and direction data. The AXBT and dropsonde tests were also successful.


Probe Time Details
AXBT 20:35 UTC SST 86.5°F
Dropwindsonde 20:43 UTC from 10,000'

Problems :

Mission Data :

BUFR data transmitted in real-time

Flight track

Temperature and Moisture

Wind and Atlitude

Flight track

Flight Director's log | Flight Director's manifest NetCDF data | serial data | 1 second data

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