Mission Summary
20170923H1 Aircraft 42RF
Hurricane Maria

Aircraft Crew (42RF)
Aircraft CommanderPrice
Flight EngineerKen Heystek
Flight EngineerMike Sanchez
Flight DirectorJess Williams
System EngineerPaul
Data TechnicianMarc Mascaro
Dropsonde OperatorMcAllister

Scientific Crew (42RF)
Lead Project ScientistJoe Cione HRD
Radar ScientistJun Zhang HRD
DWL ScientistKelly Ryan HRD
COYOTEBrad Kent Raytheon
GuestRep. Ralph AbrahamU.S.House
GuestEric BlakeNHC

Scientific Crew (ground)
Radar ScientistJohn Gamache HRD

Mission Plan :

NOAA 42RF (N42) will perform an HRD-tasked Doppler Winds LIDAR and COYOTE mission into Hurricane Maria. Takeoff from Lakeland is at 1700Z . Following the Figure-4 vortex survey, aircraft will turn downwind and then release first Coyote UAS at Pt 5. Aircraft will then navigate in a lawnmower pattern toward the eye. The second Coyote UAS will be released within the eye. As during previous flight, aircraft circumnavigate with repeated penetrations into and out of the eyewall, maintaining close communications with the Coyote UAS as the Coyote spirals outward into the eyewall. N42 flight altitude will be 8000-10000ft. The pattern may be updated for center position at time of mission. To the extent possible, keep straight legs heading to center during the initial Figure-4, as TDR data will be transmitted to EMC in real time.

Proposed flight track for 20170923H1

Detail of proposed flight track for 20170923H1

Final flight track for 20170923H1

Mission Summary :

Take off Landing
Linder-Lakeland, FL 16:47 UTC Linder-Lakeland, FL 01:15 UTC
Penetrations 2

Expendables: 3 COYOTEs, 15 AXBTs (1 bad), 21 dropsondes (15 IR, 2 RD41, 2 test)

Mission Evaluation:

Problems :

Mission Data :

NetCDF SFMR data

Timeseries wind, rain rate, and pressure plots

Flight level wind plots full flight

Flight level wind plots in storm

SFMR wind plots full flight

SFMR wind plots in storm

COYOTE #1 data 15:34-18:46 Z COYOTE #2 data 19:26-19:56 Z COYOTE #3 data 20:21-20:51 Z

Flight track

Temperature and Moisture

Wind and Atlitude

Flight track detail

LPS log | Radar log | DWL log | Drop log
SFMR data | Flight Director's manifest NetCDF data | serial data | 1 second data

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