Mission Summary
2002092iI Aircraft 43RF
Ocean survey mission ahead of Tropical Storm Lili

Scientific Crew (42RF)
Lead scientistJoe Cione
Workstation scientistMike Black
Radar scientistJohn Gamache
AXBT scientistsEric Uhlhorn
Sonde scientistsRob Rogers
SRA scientistEd Walsh (NASA)
AXBT scientistTom Cook (RSMAS)

Mission Briefing:

NOAA N43RF flew an ocean survey experiment ahead of the possible track of Tropical Storm Lili. It departed MacDill AFB at noon and recovered at MacDill at 9:15 PM.

Mission Synopsis

Mission Data

One minute listing

Flight Data

Flight track

Temperature and Moisture

Wind and Atlitude

Flight track ferry in

Flight track ferry out

PDF plots of dropsonde data

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