Mission Summary
20140811N1 Aircraft 49RF
Ferry flight

Aircraft Crew (49RF)
Aircraft CommanderRon Moyers
Co-pilotDavid Cowan
Co-pilotJason Mansour
Crew ChiefAngel Negron
Flight DirectorJack Parrish
Flight DirectorPaul Flaherty
Data TechnicianCharles Lynch
Electronic TechnicianMike Mascaro
Electronic TechnicianJames Warnecke
Electronic EngineerJohn Hill
Scientific Crew (49RF)

Mission Plan :

NOAA 49RF will ferry from Las Vegas, NV, 1430 UTC on August 11th and will recover at MacDill AFB, FL by 1830 UTC the same day.

Mission Summary :

Take off Landing
Las Vegas, NV14:38 UTC MacDill AFB, FL18:40 UTC

Final track

NOAA 49RF ferried from Las Vegas, NV, 1438 UTC on August 11th and recovered at MacDill AFB, FL at 1840 UTC the same day.

Problems :

Mission Data :

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