Mission Summary
20040914H1 Aircraft 42RF
Ivan flight 2004

Scientific Crew (42RF)
Lead ScientistPaul Chang (NESDIS)
Workstation ScientistPaul Leighton
AXBT ScientistJoe Cione
Mission Plan:

N42RF is tasked for a NESDIS one plane Ocean Wind and AXBT mission into Hurricane Ivan. Takeoff from MacDill AFB, FL will be at 10:30 AM EDT and recovered at MacDill AFB, FL at 7:30 PM EDT.

Mission Summary:

N42RF successfully completed a NESDIS Ocean Winds experiment and AXBT deployment mission into and ahead of Ivan over the North Central Gulf of Mexico. HRD scientists Joe Cione and Paul Leighton joined LPS Paul Chang and his NESDIS crew on this flight. The plane departed MacDill at 11:30 a.m. EDT Tuesday morning, and returned back to base at 8 p.m. . The upper-ocean thermal structure was determined by AXBTs in a targeted region the storm is forecasted to pass over later today. The measured pre-storm SSTs of 27.8-28.1°C were cooler than expected and showed no evidence of a warm eddy in the targeted area.

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Mission Data :

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