Mission Summary
20030914H1 Aircraft 42RF
Ocean Winds experiment
into Hurricane Isabel 2003

Aircraft Crew (42RF)
A/C CommanderPhil Kennedy
Co-pilotMike Silah
Co-pilotHarris Halverson
NavigatorCarl Newman
Flight EngineerSteve Wade
Flight EngineerRock Torrey
Flight DirectorTom Shepherd
Flight DirectorMarty Mayeaux
Data TechBobby Peek
Radar TechJorge Delgado
AVAPSSean McMillan
Scientific Crew (42RF)
Lead ScientistPaul Chang (NESDIS)
Satellite ScientistNai-Yu Wang (NESDIS)
Sonde ScientistRob Rogers
Radar ScientistChris Landsea
Workstation ScientistPaul Leighton
IWRAP ScientistBeth Kerr (UMass)
IWRAP ScientistDan Esteban (UMass)
MediaH Friedlander (???)
Mission Plan :

The flight will leave St. Croix, USVI at 11:00 AM AST and recover at 6:00 PM AST at St. Croix, USVI.It is doing a one plane Ocean Winds experiment.

Mission Summary :

Take off Landing
St.Croix. USVI15:09 UTC St.Croix. USVI23:58 UTC

The flight left St. Croix, USVI at 15:09 UTC, and returned to St. Croix, USVI at 23:58 UTC.

The two P3s first flew a synchronized leg into Isabel's core, entering from the south. They then circumnavigated the large diameter eye collecting radar data, and subsequently exited with a coordinated northbound leg. After that, N42RF continued executing a figure 4 and fthen flew wedges as part of the Ocean Winds experiment, making a total of seven penetrations at 7,000 feet.

Mission Data :

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LPS log | Radar log | Drop log | Flight Director's log

Flight Data

Flight track

Temperature and Moisture

Wind and Altitude

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Problems :

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