Mission Summary
20120821H1 Aircraft 42RF
Ferry for TropDep #09 flights

Aircraft Crew (42RF)
Aircraft CommanderHalverson
Co-pilotMark Nelson
Co-pilotCathy Martin
Co-pilotJustin Kibbey
NavigatorRyan Kidder
NavigatorDevin Brakob
NavigatorPete Siegel
Flight EngineerJoe Klippel
Flight EngineerPaul Darby
Flight DirectorIan Sears
Flight DirectorPaul Flaherty
Flight DirectorJess Williams
Data TechnicianJoe Bosko
Data TechnicianTerry Lynch
AVAPSDale Carpenter
AVAPSJeff Newnam
Electronics TechnicianTodd Richards
Electronics TechnicianBobby Peek
MechanicLonnie Kregelka
Scientific Crew (42RF)

Mission Plan :

NOAA 42RF will ferry in anticipation of a series of TDR missions into Tropical Depression #09. The P-3 will leave MacDill AFB, FL 1400 UTC and will recover at Barbados by 1930 UTC the same day.

Mission Summary :

Problems :

Mission Data :

Flight Director's manifest

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