Mission Summary
20160829I2 Aircraft 43RF
Tropical Depression 09
Reconnaissance and RI

Aircraft Crew (43RF)
Aircraft CommanderChristopher Kerns
Co-pilotAdam Abitbol
Co-pilotRobert Mitchell
Flight EngineerPaul Darby
Flight EngineerJosh Sanchez
NavigatorTim Gallagher
Flight DirectorIan Sears
Flight DirectorJess Williams
System EngineerTerry Lynch
Data TechnicianMike Mascaro
Dropsonde OperatorTodd Richards
Scientific Crew (43RF)
LPS/DropsondeJon Zawislak (FIU/UM/CIMAS/HRD)
RadarBachir AnnaneHRD
ObserverLeon NguyenHRD (NRC Postdoc)

Proposed NOAA 43 track

Final flight track

Mission Plan :

NOAA 43RF will conduct an NHC-tasked reconnaissance mission into TD09 in the Gulf of Mexico for a 1730Z center fix, alpha pattern beginning with NW to SE and NE to SW legs. If time allows, N43 will climb to 10 kft for a rotated Figure 4, and/or climb to a higher altitude and execute a lawnmower pattern in the environment ahead of TD09. The goal is to capture potential rapid intensification.

Mission Summary :

Take off Landing
MacDill AFB, FL 16:55 UTC MacDill AFB, FL 00:49 UTC

NOAA 43RF conducted an NHC-tasked reconnaissance mission into TD09 in the Gulf of Mexico. Data from 2500 ft, while 37 kt at FL, did not warrant an upgrade to a tropical storm. Once released from NHC-tasking after executing NW-SE and NE-SW legs, N43 climbed to 10 kft and flew the S to N and W to E legs of the rotated Fig. 4. Because of a lack of coverage in the SE portion of the disturbance, we flew SE and then returned from S to N. Overall, little precipitation was encountered upshear (W and N quadrants), although we were able to sample a new convective burst downshear on the SE side of the disturbance later in the flight. The low and midlevel centers were still largely misaligned.12 sondes were dropped while at a higher altitude on the turn and midpoints, as well as 2 drops near the center of TD9.

Jon Zawislak
Sept. 7, 2016

Mission Data :

High Density Ob plots

Flight Level wind plots

SFMR wind plots

Flight track

Temperature and Moisture

Wind and Atlitude

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