Mission Summary
20170823GH1 Aircraft NASA Global Hawk
Tropical Storm Harvey (AL09)
Dropsonde Survey

Scientific Crew (Ground)
DropsondeHui ChristophersonHRD
DropsondeBrittany DahlHRD
DropsondeNeal DorstHRD
DropsondeJohn KaplanHRD
DropsondeStan GoldenbergHRD
DropsondeKathryn SellwoodHRD

Proposed NOAA 42 track

Mission Plan :

The NASA/NOAA Global Hawk will fly a dropsonde survey of Tropical Storm Harvey coinciding with a NOAA 42 mission.

Mission Summary :

Take off Landing
Armstrong Research Facility, CA 23/14:00 UTC Armstrong Research Facility, CA 24/14:00 UTC

Problems :

Coincident NOAA 42 mission was cancelled. However, Global Hawk mission continued.

Mission Data :

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