Mission Summary
20020913I Aircraft 43RF
Two plane CBLAST mission into Tropical Storm Hanna

Scientific Crew (43RF)
Lead ScientistPeter Black
Radar scientistPeter Dodge
GPS DropsondeShirley Murillo
HRD WorkstationPaul Leighton
SRAEd Walsh (NASA)
Scripps laser alt.Joel Hazard (Scripps)

Mission Briefing:

This mission was designed to test the hurricane planetary boundary layer (PBL) flight pattern in weak tropical storm conditions, to flight test new CBLAST instrumentation in wind and rain. A two-plane CBLAST/Ocean Winds research mission in TS Hanna is scheduled for September 13, 2002, departing MacDill AFB at Noon EDT and recovering at MacDill approximately 6.5 hours later.

Mission Data

One minute listing

Flight Data

Flight track

Temperature and Moisture

Wind and Atlitude

Flight track

Flight track ferry in

Flight track ferry out

Mission Synopsis

The NOAA P-3 aircraft completed a shortened CBLAST/Ocean Winds mission this afternoon into Tropical Storm Hanna. Both planes left MacDill around noon EDT today. N43RF returned at 4:00 p.m. after a bird hit the plane and the nose radar sustained minor damage. N42RF returned a half-hour later after encountering problems with the IWRAP instruments.

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