Mission Summary
20080831H1 Aircraft 42RF
Gustav Ocean Winds flight 2008

Scientific Crew (42RF)
Lead Project ScientistSim Aberson
Radar ScientistSylvie Lorsolo
Dropsonde ScientistBachir Annane
NESDIS ScientistPaul Chang
NESDIS ScientistZorana Jelenak
NESDIS ScientistJoe Manus
NESDIS ScientistChu

Flight Crew (42RF)
PilotsBarry Choy
Brian Taggert
Al Girimonte
Flight DirectorBarry Damiano
NavigatorPeter Siegel
Flt. Eng.Greg Bast
Data TechAl Goldstein
Elec. TechBill Olney
Joe Bosko

Mission Plan :

N42RF will fly a NESDIS-tasked Ocean Winds mission into Hurricane Gustav in the central Gulf of Mexico. A figure-4 is planned with no modification for land, followed by maneuvers for Ocean Winds (NESDIS).

Mission Summary :

Take off Landing
MacDill AFB, FL19:21 UTC MacDill AFB, FL03:49 UTC

This flight was mostly a standard flight into a mature hurricane, with few surprises. Secondary wind maxima were seen in the flight-level data, but not in the SFMR surface wind speed data in the same locations early in the flight, but the secondary wind maximum developed later on at the surface. During each pass in the initial figure-4 pattern, we hunted for the center ofthe storm to do a center sonde drop. The aircraft was positioned to get to a certain point for the 2345 UTC QuickScat pass and then a 0222 UTC Ascat pass for the NESDIS group

During the mission, the storm was slowly strengthening, then the intensity leveled off toward the end. Two wind analyses and sets of superobs were sent from the aircraft.

Problems :

Due to illness, only inexperienced AOC technicians were on the flight. The radar wen down on a few occassions, and the technicians did not know how to bring it back up the first time, leading to a relatively long outage, luckily on a downwind pass. This did not affect the radar anlayses. Toward the end of the flight, two dropwindsondes reported late, but were otherwise okay.

Mission Data

Dropsonde plots
850 mb
925 mb
1000 mb

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Flight Data Plots

Flight track

Temperature and Moisture

Wind and Atlitude

Flight track detail

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