Mission Summary
20141017I1 Aircraft 43RF
Ocean Winds flight

Aircraft Crew (43RF)
Aircraft CommanderJustin Kibbey
Co-pilotChris Kerns
Co-pilotScott Price
NavigatorTim Gallagher
Flight EngineerJoe Klippel
Flight EngineerChris Lalonde
Flight DirectorRich Henning
System EngineerDana Naeher
Data TechnicianTerry Lynch
AVAPSTodd Richards

Scientific Crew (43RF)
LPSPaul Chang (NESDIS)
IWRAPSteven J Frasier(NESDIS)
IWRAPSulieman Alweiss (NESDIS)
ObserverShuyi Chen (RSMAS)
GuestKeith Kocinski (CH1 News/CBS Kids)
GuestTom Hanson (CH1 News/CBS Kids)

Mission Plan :

NOAA43 will conduct a NESDIS-tasked Ocean Winds mission into Hurricane Gonzalo with possible overflight by NASA WB-57. Takeoff is scheduled for 0900 UTC from MacDill AFB, FL and recover there at 1700 UTC.

Mission Summary :

Take off Landing
MacDill AFB, FL 08:51 UTC MacDill AFB, FL 18:31 UTC
Penetrations 7

Final track

23 dropsondes and 2 AXBTs released. 1 AXBT was bad, so only one was transmitted.

Mission Evaluation:


Mission Data :

NetCDF | 1 second data | serial | SFMR data | Flight Director's manifest | Flight Director's log

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