Mission Summary
20141016I1 Aircraft 43RF
Ocean Winds flight

Aircraft Crew (43RF)
Aircraft CommanderJustin Kibbey
Co-pilotChris Kerns
Co-pilotScott Price
NavigatorTim Gallagher
Flight EngineerJoe Klippel
Flight EngineerChris Lalonde
Flight DirectorRich Henning
System EngineerDana Naeher
Data TechnicianTerry Lynch
AVAPSTodd Richards
MaintenanceLonnie Kregelka

Scientific Crew (43RF)
LPSPaul Chang (NESDIS)
IWRAPZorana Jelenak (NESDIS)
IWRAPSulieman Alweiss (NESDIS)

Mission Plan :

NOAA43 will conduct a NESDIS-tasked Ocean Winds mission into Hurricane Gonzalo. Takeoff is scheduled for 0900 UTC from St. Croix, USVI and recover at MacDill AFB, FL by 1800 UTC.

Mission Summary :

Take off Landing
St. Croix, USVI 09:21 UTC MacDill AFB, FL 17:21 UTC
Penetrations 5

Final track

20 dropsondes and 2 AXBTs launched. 2 bad sondes, so only 18 sondes and 2 AXBTs transmitted.

Mission Evaluation:


Mission Data :

NetCDF | 1 second data | SFMR data | serial | Flight Director's manifest | Flight Director's log

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