Mission Summary
20040831I1 Aircraft 43RF
Frances flight 2004

Scientific Crew (43RF)
Lead ScientistRob Rogers
Radar ScientistPeter Dodge
SFMR ScientistEric Uhlhorn
Mission Plan :

N43RF is tasked by NHC for a one plane SFMR surface wind mission into Hurricane Frances. Takeoff from Barbados will be at 11:00 AM AST and will recover in Barbados at 5:00 PM AST.

Mission Summary :

NOAA 43 flew a second tasked operational SFMR surface wind flight into Frances today. The flight left Barbados at 11:30 AM AST and recovered in Barbados at 5:40 PM AST. The SFMR again performed flawlessly and 2 surface analyses were completed in real time using the HRD H*WIND software by Mark Powell at NHC where he consulted directly with forecasters. One of the highest SFMR surface winds ever measured was recorded at 118 kts. This measurement was near where a 700mb flight level wind of 144 kts was measured. The SFMR confirmed that Frances is now a CAT 4 hurricane.
Pete Black
Field Program Director

Mission Data :

One minute listing

Flight Data

Flight track

Temperature and Moisture

Wind and Atlitude

Flight track detail

SFMR and flight level winds

Significant wave height

Problems :

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