Mission Summary
20060828H1 Aircraft 42RF
Ernesto flight 2006

Scientific Crew (42RF)
Paul LeightonRadar operator

Mission Plan :

NOAA 42 will fly a SFMR NHC-tasked mission into Tropical Storm Ernesto. The P3 will leave MacDill AFB, FL at 10 AM EDT and will recover at MacDill AFB, FL by 6 PM EDT.

Mission Summary :

Since Ernesto hadn't moved back over the sea during the time the mission was ready, the NHC-tasked SFMR mission was cancelled. Instead, an Ocean Winds calibration flight was flown in the Gulf of Mexico. The P3 left MacDill AFB, FL at 10:25 AM EDT and recovered at MacDill AFB, FL at 4:00 PM EDT.

Problems :

Mission Data

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Flight Data

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Temperature and Moisture

Wind and Atlitude

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