Mission Summary
20140914GH Aircraft NASA AV6
Storm Survey flight

Remote Scientific Crew
Dropsonde ScientistMike Black (HRD)
Dropsonde ScientistRob Rogers (HRD)

Mission Plan :

Sondes track

NASA AV6 will conduct a Storm Survey mission into Hurricane Edouard. It will drop sondes in the environment and inside of the hurricane. Takeoff is scheduled for 1100 UTC from Wallops Island, VA on Sept. 14th and recover there on Sept. 15th at 1100 UTC.

Dropsonde locationa
Location Time (UTC) Elapsed Time Longitude Latitude
hh mm.m (hrs) deg min W deg min N

Mission Summary :

Take off Landing
Wallops Island, VA14/11:02 UTC Wallops Island, VA15/10:50 UTC

59 drops sent

Mission Evaluation:


Mission Data :

80 dropsondes released.

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