Mission Summary

19790902H1 N42RF
Hurricane Cat 1 David 1979

Flight Crew ( N42RF )
FlightDirectr Rossby
FlightDirectr Darby
Pilot Ticknor
Pilot Noble
FlightEnginer Correll
Navigator Bergner
Electric Tech McRory
Data Technicn Goldstein

Scientific Crew ( N42RF )
Lead Proj Sci Jorgensen NHEML
Cloud Physics Powell NHEML
Radar Science Stewart NHEML
Radar Science Fiorino NHEML
Observer Ellwood unk
Observer Mosley unk
Observer Miller unk
Observer Hall unk

Take off Landing

Mission Summary :

NHEML research and recco into Hurricane David
The flight took off from KMIA at 2001Z on 09/02/1979 and landed at EGLIN AFB at 454Z the next day with 6 penetrations.

Mission Data :

1 second data

Flight Track

Temp & Dew Point

Wind & Altitude

Data Tapes
Radar 15 2007 Z 410 Z
PMS cloudphy 11 2010 Z 419 Z
OAO Standard 1 2002 Z 454 Z

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