Mission Summary
20090828I1 Aircraft 43RF
TDR monitoring flight into Tropical Storm Danny 2009

Aircraft Crew (43RF)
Aircraft CommanderBarry Choy
Co-pilotsCarl Newman
Al Girimonte
Flight EngineersDewey Floyd
Paul Darby
NavigatorsChris Sloan
Ryan Kidder
Flight DirectorsIan Sears
Barry Damiano
Data TechnicianBobby Peek
Dropsonde OperatorJeff Smith
Electrical EngineerBill Olney

Scientific Crew (43RF)
Lead Project ScientistPaul Leighton
Dropsonde ScientistJun Zhang
iWRAP ScientistJoe Sapp (UMASS)

20090828I1 Proposed track

Mission Plan :

Perform TDR/lifecycle monitoring into T. S. Danny (See proposed track above) , stair step/sawtooth pattern at 12000 ft. with IP approx. 105 nm south of low level circulation. Fly 105 nm legs (See Turn table below) where convection is occurring. dropsondes and BT combinations at endpoints and midpoints of legs, also 5-6 BT's on way to storm spaced roughly one degree apart and 5-6 BT's spaced one degree apart returning from storm.

Planned Truns
Prepared by the Hurricane Research Division
Aircraft: N43RF
Altitude: FL 00-100
Proposed takeoff: 28/08:00 Z
(deg) (min)
(deg) (min)
0MACDILL 0. 0. 0:00
1 26 0072 00 574.574. 2:18
2 27 0069 00 172.747. 3:00
3 28 0072 00 171.918. 3:41
4 29 3069 00 182.1100. 4:26
5 31 0072 00 180.1279. 5:10
6 MACDILL 582. 1862. 7:08

Mission Summary :

Take off Landing
MacDill AFB, FL07:52 UTC MacDill AFB, FL12:41 UTC

20090828I1 Actual track

Takeoff was at 07:52:15 UTC. On takeoff a rudder boost shut-off valve problem occurred. It prohibited us from flying in convection. Fuel needed to be burned before we could land so we flew in the clear air to the IP point dropping BT's at half degree intervals we flew east until we reached convection where we turned around returned to the IP and flew about one degree north before returning (See Actual flight track), continuing to drop BT's at half degree intervals. Two dropsondes were released one at the eastern most point and one at the northern most point one degree north of the IP sampling the dry air to the southwest of the convection. Eighteen BT'S were dropped in total. The aircraft returned to Tampa at 12:41:55 UTC.

Mission Evaluation:

No doppler wind analysis legs were completed and sent in real-time. Efficacy of BT drops to be determined.

Paul Leighton

Mission Data :

Error log | g'zipped Fast file | NetCDF file | 1second data

LPS log | Radar log | Sonde log | AXBT log | Miscellaneous

Flight track

Temperature and Moisture

Wind and Atlitude

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