Mission Summary
20050705H1 Aircraft 42RF
Cindy flight 2005

Aircraft Crew (42RF)
Paul FlahertyFlgiht Director
Scientific Crew (42RF)
Paul LeightonWorkstation
Eric UhlhornSFMR
Mission Plan :

The NOAA N42RF will fly an NHC-tasked SFMR mission into Tropical Storm Cindy. The P3 will leave San Jose, Costa Rica at 9:30 AM EDT and will recover at Boca Chica NAS, FL at 7:00 PM EDT.

Mission Summary :

NOAA N42RF flew an NHC-tasked mission (0503A CINDY) into Tropical Storm Cindy. Take-off time was 13:43 UTC from San Jose, Costa Rica. Throughout the flight the storm was tracking towards Baton Rouge, LA, with a very small (<10 km) eye.

A Figure-4 pattern was flown with the initial traversal from the SW to the NE acquiring the 18:00Z fix at 18:17 (27.67°N, 90.34°W). Two sondes were dropped along this traversal, one in the center and one in the NE eyewall along the first outbound leg. Peak winds observed in the NE by the SFMR of 35 m/s [~68 kts or ~78mph], sonde with 64kts at 950mb (did not report at surface). SFMR accuracy (possibly + or - 5 kts) questioned.

A downwind leg was then flown from the NE quadrant to the NW quadrant where the plane loitered (until 19:40) prior to making a second traversal from NW to SE. Three sondes were dropped on this traversal, one in the inner eyewall to the NW, one in the center at 20:10 (28.01°N, 90.56°W), and one in the eyewall exiting to the SE. N42RF recovered at Boca Chica NAS, FL at 22:21 UTC.

Paul A. Leighton

Problems :

Mission Data :

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Radar coverage
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14:15:21 Z 22:06:21 Z

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