Mission Summary

19830825H1 N42RF
Tropical Storm Barry 1983

Flight Crew ( N42RF )
FlightDirectr Parrish
Pilot Noble
Pilot Genzlinger
Navigator Adams
FlightEnginer Ricci
Pilot Mandelkern
ElectEngineer Zysko
Data Technicn DeVino
ElectEngineer DuGranrut
ElectEngineer Schricker
Electric Tech Milander

Scientific Crew ( N42RF )
Lead Proj Sci Dave Jorgensen NHRL
Radar Science Bob Feinberg NHRL
Radar Science Steve Lord NHRL
Cloud Physics Paul Willis NHRL
Observer Jack Williams USA Today
Observer Liff unk
Observer Barbara Reis USA Today

Take off Landing
Miami, Fla 153 UTC Miami, Fla 707 UTC

Mission Summary :

HRD-tasked Vortex Evolution experiment into T.S. Barry east of Florida, 5k ft altitude, 6 fixes.

The flight took off from Miami, Fla at 01:53 Z on 08/25/1983 and landed at Miami, Fla at 07:07 Z with 6 penetrations. The mission was slated to be on 43RF, but a chip light on engine start forced us to change to 42RF and we were 2.5 hours late taking off.

The storm was just off the Florida coast, near Ft. Pierce. We flew truncated "Fig 4" pattern. The system was really weak, 10-15 knots of low-level wind only, and the notable thing was the apparent reformation of the center to the southwest in response to a developing convective line.

Dave Jorgensen

Mission Data :

1 second data

Flight Director log | Lead Scientist log | Lead Scientist notes | Radar log | Cloud Physics log

Flight Track

Temp & Dew Point

Wind & Altitude

Data Tapes
Radar 4 239 Z 643 Z
PMS cloudphy 6 225 Z 701 Z
OAO Standard 1 150 Z 710 Z
Slow 1 150 Z 710 Z

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