Mission Summary
20100629H1 Aircraft 42RF
TDR flight into Tropical Storm Alex 2010

Aircraft Crew (42RF)
Aircraft Commander
Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer
Flight Director
Flight Director
Lead El Tech
El Tech
Avionics Tech
Scientific Crew (42RF)
Lead Project ScientistJohn Gamache
Dropsonde ScientistPaul Reasor
Radar ScientistMike Black

Mission Plan :

The P-3 is tasked by EMC to carry out a TDR mission into Tropical Storm Alex in the Bay of Campeche. The aircraft will depart MacDill AFB, FL at 08:00 UTC and arrive back at MacDill by 16:00 UTC later in the day.

Mission Summary :


Flight was cancelled due to engine failure during previous flight. NOAA 42 will be out of commission for several days, precluding any further TDR missions into Alex.

Problems :

Mission Data :

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