The Most Intense Hurricanes in the United States 1900-2000

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Table 4: The most intense mainland United States hurricanes, 1900-2000 (includes only major hurricanes at their most intense landfall). Addendum for Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands.
Rank Hurricane Year Category
(at landfall)
Pressure (mb)
Pressure (in)
1 Unnamed (FL Keys) 1935589226.35
2 Camille (MS, SE LA, VA) 1969590926.84
3 Andrew (SE FL, SE LA) 19925a92227.23
4 Unnamed (FL Keys, S TX) 1919492727.37
5 Unnamed (Lake Okeechobee FL) 1928492927.43
6 Donna (FL, Eastern U.S.) 1960493027.46
7 Unnamed (Galveston TX) 1900493127.49
7 Unnamed (Grand Isle LA) 1909493127.49
7 Unnamed (New Orleans LA) 1915493127.49
7 Carla (N & Cent. TX) 1961493127.49
11Hugo (SC) 1989493427.58
12Unnamed (Miami FL, MS, AL, Pensacola FL) 1926493527.61
13Hazel (SC, NC) 19544b93827.70
14Unnamed (SE FL, SE LA, MS) 1947494027.76
15Unnamed (N TX) 1932494127.79
16Gloria (Eastern U.S.) 19853bc94227.82
16Opal (NW FL, AL) 19953c94227.82
18Audrey (SW LA, N TX) 19574d94527.91
18Unnamed (Galveston TX) 19154d94527.91
18Celia (S TX) 1970394527.91
18Allen (S TX) 1980394527.91
22Unnamed (New England) 19383b94627.94
22Frederic (AL, MS) 1979394627.94
24Unnamed (NE U.S.) 19443b94727.97
24Unnamed (SC, NC) 1906394727.97
26Betsy (SE FL, SE LA) 1965394827.99
26Unnamed (SE FL, NW FL) 1929394827.99
26Unnamed (SE FL) 1933394827.99
26Unnamed (S TX) 1916394827.99
26Unnamed (MS, AL) 1916394827.99
31Diane (NC) 19553 e94928.02
31Unnamed (S TX) 1933394928.02
33Beulah (S TX) 1967395028.05
33Hilda (Central LA) 1964395028.05
33Gracie (SC) 1959395028.05
33Unnamed (Central TX) 1942395028.05
37Unnamed (SE FL) 1945395128.08
37Bret (S TX) 1999395128.08
39Unnamed (Tampa Bay FL) 1921395228.11
39Carmen (Central LA) 1974395228.11
41Edna (New England) 19543 b95428.17
41Unnamed (SE FL) 1949395428.17
41Fran (NC) 1996395428.17
44Eloise (NW FL) 1975395528.20
44King (SE FL) 1950395528.20
44Unnamed (Central LA) 1926395528.20
44Unnamed (SW LA) 1918395528.20
44Unnamed (SW FL) 1910395528.20
49Unnamed (NC) 1933395728.26
49Unnamed (FL Keys) 1909395728.26
51Easy (NW FL) 1950395828.29
51Unnamed (N TX) 1941395828.29
51Unnamed (NW FL) 1917395828.29
51Unnamed (N TX) 1909395828.29
51Unnamed (MS, AL) 1906395828.29
56Elena (MS, AL, NW FL) 1985395928.32
57Carol (NE U.S.) 19543b96028.35
57Ione (NC) 1955396028.35
57Emily (NC) 1993396028.35
60Alicia (N TX) 1983396228.41
60Connie (NC, VA) 1955396228.41
60Unnamed (SW FL, NE FL) 1944396228.41
60Unnamed (Central LA) 1934396228.41
64Unnamed (SW FL, NE FL) 1948396328.44
65Unnamed (NW FL) 1936396428.47
Addendum (rank is independent of other events in group)
4 David (S of PR) 1979492427.29
7 Unnamed (San Felipe PR) 1928493127.49
14Hugo (USVI, PR) 1989494027.76
33Iniki (Kaua'i HI) 1992Unknown95027.91
43Dot (Kaua'i HI) 1959Unknown95528.11
50Donna (St. Thomas, PR) 1960495828.29
64Iwa (Kaua'i HI) 1982Unknown96428.47
65Georges (USVI, PR) 1998396828.59


a Reclassified as Category 5 in 2002
b Moving more than 30 miles an hour
c Highest category justified by winds
d Classified Cat. 4 because of estimated winds
e Cape Fear, North Carolina, area only; was a Category 2 at final landfall