Fig. 1. Vertical cross-section for 12 UTC August 9, 1966, along a line through Miami, Florida, and Raizet, Guadeloupe. Isolines are temperature deviations (1 K) from mean Caribbean atmosphere for August (Jordan 1958) and are based on smoothed analyses at constant pressure levels. Grey shading indicates warm temperature anomalies exceeding +2 K. Hatching indicates cool temperature anomalies below -2 K. Unsmoothed data are plotted at four individual stations. Intermediate winds along standard isobaric levels are interpolated from streamline-isotach analyses. All winds are plotted in the standard synoptic convention (one full barb = 5 ms-1). Heavy dashed lines near 75 W and 70 W are axes of upper-level cyclonic curvature and low-level waves, respectively (from Erickson (1969) as displayed in Krishnamurti (1979)).