The Max A. Eaton Prize

The Max A. Eaton Prize is awarded at the American Meteorological
Society's Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology Conferences to honor the
best student paper. The extended abstract and oral presentations (single
authored) are judged on content and presentation by a panel selected
by the conference program committee. Entrants must be currently enrolled
in high school, college, or graduate school or have graduated since the
time of the last AMS Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology Conference. The
prize, a monetary award plus a certificate, was established to recognize
Max A. Eaton's lifelong contributions to tropical meteorology and the
encouragement he gave to so many young researchers.

The Max A. Eaton Prize Winners and the Winning Papers
1976 - Steven Payne and Mary M. McGarry, University of Washington
"The relationship of satellite inferred convective activity to easterly
waves over western equatorial Africa and the adjacent ocean during Phase 3
of GATE" (Presented as the Simpson Weather Associates Award for the best
student paper.)

1977 - Albert G. Boulanger and Michael W. Maier, Florida State University
"On the frequency of cloud-to-ground lightning from tropical
cumulonimbus clouds"

1977 - Clifford A. Mass, University of Washington
"The dynamics and origin of African easterly waves"

1979 - Peter R. Bannon, National Center for Atmospheric Research
"Extratropical forcing of the East African jet"

1981 - Edwin Nunez, Colorado State University
"Tropical cyclone intensity changes"

1982 - Mark DeMaria, Colorado State University
"Application of the spectral method to tropical cyclone modeling"

1982 - Greg J. Holland, Colorado State University
"A precursor to tropical cyclone intensity variations"

1984 - John R. Anderson, Colorado State University
"Low frequency modes of the tropical troposphere"

1984 - Robert T. Merrill, Colorado State University
"Characteristics of the tropical cyclone outflow layer"

1985 - V. Mohan Karyampudi, The Pennsylvania State University
"On the mechanisms of West African jets: A numerical study of the
Saharan air layer and easterly waves"

1987 - Candice Weatherford, Colorado State University
"Typhoon structural evolution"

1989 - Jong-Jin Baik, North Carolina State University
"Tropical cyclone simulations with the Betts convective adjustment scheme"

1992 - Christopher W. Landsea, Colorado State University
"Intense Atlantic hurricanes and their concurrent/predictive relationships
to West African rainfall"

1994 - Elizabeth A. Ritchie, Monash University
"Contributions by mesoscale convective systems to the formation of
tropical cyclones"

1995 - J. Dominique Moeller, University of Munich
"Diagnostic application of the asymmetric balance theory for tropical cyclones"

1995 - Randall J. Kallenbach, Colorado State University
"Symmetrization and hurricane motion in an asymmetric balance model"

1998 - Anantha Aiyyer, State University of New York at Albany
"Interaction of tropical cyclone outflow layer potential vorticity anomalies"

1998 - Arlene G. Laing, The Pennsylvania State University
"The large scale environment of mesoscale convective complexes: Comparisons
with other deep convective weather systems"

2000 - Katherine A. Harris, Colorado State University
"The effects of large-scale tropical convection on the circulation of the
atmosphere: A shallow water model analysis"

2001 - James P. Kossin, Colorado State University (Picture)
"Observational evidence for horizontal mixing in the hurricane near-core"

2002 - Matt Eastin, Colorado State University
"Observational analysis of buoyancy in intense hurricane eyewalls"