Annual Report 2001                               

The period covered is January 1 to December 31, 2001.


AMS Committee on Tropical Meteorology and Tropical Cyclones
Prepared by Chris Landsea, March 2002.

1. Committee Meetings

The committee did not formally meet in person during 2001, since
there was not a Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology Conference in 2001.
However, committee business was accomplished through email and
telephone conferencing.

2. AMS Scientific/Technical Meetings Arranged Or Sponsored
The committee did not arrange or sponsor any conferences or workshops
during 2001.

3. Proposed Future Scientific/Technical Meetings

Harry Hendon is conference chair of the upcoming 25th AMS Conference
on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology in San Diego, April 29-May 3,
2002. Harry's conference committee include Lixion Avila, Dave
Raymond and Liz Ritchie. With over 450 papers (both oral and
poster presentations) submitted, the conference week should offer
all participants a wide variety of talks to choose from.

Work is underway in proposing to the AMS Council a Symposium on
Bob and Joanne Simpson, tentatively to be held at the AMS Annual
Meeting in Long Beach February 9-13, 2003. This one-day Symposium
would focus upon the contributions and science that both Bob and
Joanne have been involved with throughout their long and successful
careers. Liz Ritchie and Joe Golden have volunteered to be
co-chairs for this possible event.

4. Notes On Other Committee Activities: Changes In Committee Membership

Jim Goerss, Sarah Jones and Harry Hendon will be completing their three
year terms of committee membership at the end of January 2002. Jim
Goerss will be stepping down and Mark Lander is being nominated to take
his place for a three year term. Sarah Jones will be stepping down also
and Dominique Moeller is being nominated to take her place for a three
year term. Harry Hendon is being nominated to serve a second three year
term to facilitate his involvement as the conference committee chair
for the meeting in 2002.

5. Recommendations, problems, issues
Substantial discussions have been conducted as to possible changes in
the structure/format/timing of the Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology
Conference. These discussions have been prompted by the increasingly
large size of the meeting. One possibility for changes includes splitting
the conference into two halves (Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology) and
have each half as a separate conference every year (e.g. Hurricanes
in years 1, 3, etc.; Tropical Meteorology in years 2, 4, etc.).
Another option is in limiting the number of oral presentations, either
by only having invited speakers only or in reviewing abstracts for
acceptance as either oral or poster presentation. Finally, a possibility
remains to make no major changes to the current biennial meeting
format. A decision on the format for future conferences will be
decided upon at our committee meeting to be conducted at the
San Diego conference on April 29th, 2002.