WP-3D Remote Sensors

Among the suite of airborne remote sensing instruments available on the WP-3D aircraft for the purpose of measuring surface winds in and around tropical cyclones are the Stepped Frequency Microwave Radiometer and the C-band scatterometer (C-SCAT). C-SCAT conically scans the ocean surface obtaining backscatter measurements from 20° to 50° off nadir


Black, P., R. McIntosh, C. Swift, J. Carswell, K. St. Germain, I. Popstefanija, and M. Goodberlet, 1995: Ocean surface wind, stress, and rain rate measurements in tropical cyclones from concurrent airborne microwave scatterometer and radiometer measurements. Reprints of the 27th Conference on Radar Meteorology, Vail, CO, AMS, 623-625.

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Updated August 28, 2001