TD-8: (16-17 September 1998)

TD-8 (which eventually became TS Hermine) was trying to get its act together in the Gulf of Mexico. With TD-8 the more imminent threat to the US, HRD planned a mission together with the NASA CAMEX-3 aircraft in TD-8 for 17 September. HRD's interest was to test the newly installed C-band vertically scanning Doppler profiler/scatterometer (VSDR/C-SCAT) and NASA's interest was precipitation in the TD-8 rainbands and a TRMM overpass. The mission was conducted with excellent data sets collected by all 3 aircraft (1 WP-3D, DC-8 and ER-2).

GPS dropsonde (HSA) data format
Storm/ Date Aircraft (Duration)


Experiment Comments (expendables)
 16 September  G-IV (9 h)
GPS dropsondes

 41 kft

 Synoptic Surveillance  29 GPS sondes
17 September

N42RF (3.5 h) mission summaryPDF(100 Kb)


10-14 kft

5 kft

N42RF flew in rainbands along the W FL coast

DC-8 ER-2 and UND Citation TRMM patterns working with KTPA

AFRES recon.

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