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Stanley B. Goldenberg

Hurricane Research Division/AOML/NOAA
4301 Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami, Florida 33149-1097
Office: (305) 361-4362/4400; FAX: (305) 361-4402

Biography :

Stanley B. Goldenberg is a Meteorologist with the Hurricane Research Division/AOML/NOAA located in Miami, Florida. Stan received his Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Meteorology from Florida State University (1978, 1980). His Master's work was under Dr. James O'Brien, one of the world's leading experts on El Niño. Stan developed the initial data utilized by Dr. O'Brien's research group to confirm some of the physical mechanisms responsible for El Niño events. Stan's hurricane-related research has included developing and implementing significant improvements to one of the earlier numerical hurricane-track prediction models used by the National Hurricane Center.

More recently he has examined the various climatic factors which influence the variability of hurricane activity in the Atlantic from intraseasonal to multi-decadal time scales. In particular, he has done extensive research into the physical mechanisms responsible for the connection between El Niño and Atlantic hurricane activity.

Stan has participated in numerous research flights into nearly twenty hurricanes aboard NOAA's P-3 aircraft, including Hurricanes Bonnie and Fran that struck the Carolinas, and on many of the NOAA G-IV jet's flights. His interest and experience in hurricane disaster preparedness was greatly increased when his home was destroyed as his family experienced the full force of Hurricane Andrew (1992). His family's Andrew experience has been featured in numerous TV specials such as CYCLONE! (National Geographic) and SAVAGE SKIES (PBS) and STORM WARNING (Discovery Channel). Stan has authored several scientific papers and has been a regular speaker at numerous hurricane preparedness, insurance and scientific conferences.

He was the first author of the research report published in Science establishing the fact that the Atlantic hurricane basin has entered a multidecadal-scale era of greatly increased hurricane activity. He is one of the lead (and founding) authors of NOAA's Seasonal Hurricane Outlooks for the Atlantic basin.

Stan on NOAA's G-IV jet

Eye of Hurricane Diana
photo taken by Stan in 1984
used by permission of Stan Goldenberg

1972 Miami-Dade Community College A.A.
1978 Florida State University B.S. Meteorology.
1980 Florida State University M.S. Synoptic Meteorology

Work Experience:
Stan and Chris Hornbrook
at dropsonde station
on NOAA GIV jet
1980 - 1986
1990 - present
Meteorologist Hurricane Research Division/AOML
1989 - 1990 5th/6th/7th grade Math & Science teacher Sar Shalom (Messianic Jewish) Hebrew Academy
1986 - 1989 Research Meteorologist Department of Atmospheric Science / University of Washington
1978 - 1980Research Assistant Department of Meteorology / Florida State University
1972 - 1975SP4 Electronic Repair Specialist U.S. Army

Processing dropsondes
on G-IV jet
Hurricane Field Program Experience:
Stan has participated in research/reconnaissance missions (on NOAA WP-3D aircraft) into nearly two dozen hurricanes in the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific basins. On these flights he has acted as an observer and operated and monitered various instruments on board the aircraft (including the radar, cloud physics and omega dropwindsonde stations). Stan has also operated the HAPS dropsonde station aboard NOAA G-IV jet on numerous synoptic recconnaissance flights around hurricanes and as part of the Winter Storms and PACJET Projects.

Current Research:
Stan has carried out original research to establish the various physical mechanisms responsible for the relationships between intraseasonal, interannual and multidecadal variability of Atlantic SSTs and vertical shear, El Niño, and West African rainfall.

Stan interviewed by Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel

Select TV Interview Experience:
“Savage Skies” (produced by Grenada TV, England)
“Late Night with Conan O’Brien” (NBC)
“CYCLONE!” (produced by National Geographic TV)
“Was Geschah Wirklich?” (produced by SAT 1, Germany)
“L’Chaim” (produced by Jewish Voice Broadcast)
“Live From the Storm” (produced by Passport to Knowledge)
numerous other live and taped interviews

Recent Awards :


First Author papers

Co-Author papers


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