Miami Metro Map

To get from the airport to AOML;
From the terminal, follow the signs to Lejeune Road southbound. Be prepared to act quickly since this will be the first right exit as you leave the airport. The offramp will put you into a heavy construction zone along LeJeune Road, on which you will travel for about 1/2 mile before getting to the Dolphin Expressway (SR 836). This area is very confusing so be careful and follow the signs for SR 836 eastbound. Go through the toll booth ($1.50) avoiding the SunPass only lanes. After about 1 1/2 miles or so, look on your right for the ramp leading to I-95 southbound and take that exit. After approximately 3 more miles, you will see the Key Biscayne, Rickenbacker Causeway and Bill Baggs State Park exit. As you exit I-95, slow dow and you will encounter one traffic light. After the light, follow the traffic forward as it turns 90 degrees to the left towards Rickenbacker Causeway and Key Biscayne. After passing under I-95, go straight and you will pass through two more traffic lights before proceeding straight towards the Rickenbacker Causeway toll plaza. The toll is a $1.50. From the toll plaza, proceed over the causeway bridge and after about three miles you will see a traffic light in front of the MAST Academy High School (on the left side of the street like AOML). You will pass the Miami Seaquarium on the right. At this point you are about 1/4 mile from AOML. Get into the left turn lane at that signal and make a left onto Virginia Beach Drive (when it is safe to do so). The AOML parking lot is approximately 100 meters ahead on your left (the NMFS SE Fisheries Center is the building to the right). AOML is a 5 story, grey concrete structure and the tallest structure anywhere nearby. Once in the AOML lot, be sure to park in an unmarked parking space and walk up the front stairs directly in front of the flag pole to enter the facility.

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