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2002 CSRS Retirement Handbook
2002 Federal Personnel Handbook
2004-05 Federal Retirement Handbook
2002 FERS Retirement Handbook
2002 Long Term Care Planning Handbook
2005 Federal Benefits Handbook
2004-05 Federal Travel Handbook

Field Guide of Sharks and Rays of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden


Founders of oceanography and their work; an introduction to the science of the sea.
William A. Herdman. London: E. Arnold, 1923. 340 pages.

Kluwer- World's Coasts Online

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The only professional reference in this specialized area of study which pulls together the vast data available on coastlines around the world.

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The National Academy Press-discount print copies available to NOAA personnel.

The New Catalogue of Hakes of the World


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