Meridional sections of temperature and salinity averaged over 5 degrees in longitude

A means annyal mean; H1 means January-June mean; H2 means July-December mean; NA means figures not available.


Year 225W 275W 325W
2006 A A A
2006 H1 H1 H1
2006 H2 H2 H2
2007 A A A
2007 H1 H1 H1
2007 H2 H2 H2
2008 A A A
2008 H1 H1 H1
2008 H2 H2 H2
2009 A A A
2009 H1 H1 H1
2009 H2 H2 H2
2010 A A A
2010 H1 H1 H1
2010 H2 H2 H2
2011 A A A
2011 H1 H1 H1
2011 H2 H2 H2
2012 NA NA NA
2012 H1 H1 H1
2012 NA NA NA