Profiles for Float 3900694 (Time series plots)
Table legend is at the bottom of th epage
ProfID Cycle A/D Mode DSI JULD JDQC Date Lat Lon LQC nobs Max PRES PQC(nc) PQC(ck) NTB NSB
3900694.001 002 A D 2C 21316.527685 1 20080512 -0.181 -31.145 1 68 1270 AAA AAA 4 3
3900694.002 003 A D 2C 21326.505903 1 20080522 -0.249 -30.968 1 68 1270 AAA AAA 5 4

ProfID Cosecutive Profile ID (for this analysis)
Cycle Profile cycle number
A/D Ascending/Desending flag
Mode Data mode (Real-time,Adjusted, Delayed)
DSI Data State Indicator
JULD Julian Day
DQC Juliad Day QC flag
Date Date
Lat Latitude
Lon Longitude
LQC Location/Position QC flag
nobs Number of points in profile
Max PRES Maximum pressure in the profile
PQC(nc) *Profile_(param)_QC from nc data file
PQC(ck) *Profile_(param)_QC from check estimated from adjusted fileds
NTB Number of temeprature buddies
NSB Number of salinity buddies

* A-F indicator of percent good data in a profile for PRES/TEMP/PSAL

Last update: 29-Jul-2013