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Comparison dataset Temperature
nobs mean std dev slope intercept
Levitus (WOA05) 44 0.0544 0.3457 -0.0005 0.2171
Navy (GDEM3)) 44 0.1505 0.3461 -0.0006 0.3663
Argo-only 44 -0.0487 0.3258 -0.0001 -0.0244
Buddies 12 0.0239 0.3800 -0.0009 0.2160

Comparison dataset Salinity
nobs mean std dev slope intercept
Levitus (WOA05) 0 NaN NaN NaN NaN
Navy (GDEM3)) 0 NaN NaN NaN NaN
Argo-only 0 NaN NaN NaN NaN
Buddies 0 NaN NaN NaN NaN

Differences of temperature and salinity for each profile

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General information Number of Profiles Dates
Float WMOId1900743Total 44Creation20111205000119
Principal InvestigatorBRECK OWENSReal time 0Update20111205000119
Data CenterAOAdjustedtime 0Analysis20130722124929
Instrument referenceSOLO_SBE_SL655Delayed_mode 44

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1GREYLIST There is 1 greylist record:
GREYLIST 1 1900743,PSAL,20090209,,3,salinity sensor problem,AO
2ANOM WARN GREY DEAD All profiles are DMODE and last profile is 35 months old

Last update: 29-Jul-2013