I have been an Oceanographer at NOAA/AOML since 1973. I orginally worked in the Marine Geology and Geophysics Division until I became a part of the Ocean Chemistry Division in 1982. I worked in OCD until November of 1998 when I became a researcher in AOML's Satellite Remote Sensing Group and in 2005 became a part of the Computer Services and Networking Division. My current work duties are :
*Huricane Research utilizing satellite remote sensing
*Macintosh support in AOML's Computer Services and Networking Division
*Provide scientific and technical imaging expertise for Office of the Director
*Assist with laboratory media relations and public affairs

Click to read a summary of some of my recent research. The paper explains how I and my coauthors use satellite sensors to observe and analyze atmospheric conditions, specificlly the dry and dusty air masses created by Saharan Dust Storms, and their impact on hurricane formation and intensification. Its title is "The use of satellite-derived Total Precipitable Water (TPW) imagery for identifying Saharan Air Layers affecting tropical cyclones "

Click writings to see some of my other publications