DATE: August 7, 2000
TO: Physical Science Team (PST)
SUBJECT: Upcoming PST Meeting


The next Florida Bay and Adjacent Marine Systems Science Conference will be held April 24-26, 2001, at the Westin Beach Resort in Key Largo, Florida. The format of the upcoming conference will be different than that of past conferences in that there will be no individual presentations. Instead, a one-hour synthesis presentation will be given for each of the five Central Questions preceded by a poster session devoted to that specific question. Everyone whose work figures in the synthesis presentation will be asked to submit an abstract (and poster). The call for "draft abstracts" will go out shortly with an October 1 deadline. Final poster abstracts will be due on February 15, 2001. The synthesis will have to be provided to the PMC as a draft document for limited distribution (PMC, PST and Oversight Panel only) by April 1, 2001. Following each synthesis presentation the Oversight Panel will be given an opportunity to ask questions of any of the attending members of the research team whose research (and posters) formed the basis of the synthesis presentation.


To prepare for this new approach as well as to address the future direction and objectives of the PST as recommended in the latest Florida Bay

Oversight Panel Report (see ) and to discuss the implications of the recent PMC sponsored Salinity Performance Measures, Standard Data Set, and Modeling workshops, we would like to schedule an all day PST meeting for November 2, 2000.  The meeting will be held in the first floor conference room at NOAA/AOML in Miami. Further details will be provided. Specific objectives of this meeting will include the following:


  1. Discussion of synthesis document for upcoming science conference including generation of an outline and designation of a presenter (s);

  2. Salinity Performance Measures;

  3. Physical modeling;

  4. Focusing data collection skills on inter-basin flow, exchange, and mixing to obtain a comparable understanding of basin by basin flow, salt balance including evaporation and hypersalinity.

  5. Facilitating assembly of the "standard" data set.

In addition, please refer to the three documents below (accessible on the Internet) to prepare for the meeting.  More information (exact location, time, etc.) will be passed to you in the future. 




Salinity Modeling Standard Data Set for Florida Bay - May 2000


Salinity Performance Measures in Florida Bay - September 2000 DRAFT


Florida Bay Models Coordination Meeting - May 2000