AOML Mission

AOML's Mission

The mission of the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory is to conduct a basic and applied research program in oceanography, tropical meteorology, atmospheric and oceanic chemistry, and acoustics. The program seeks to understand the physical characteristics and processes of the ocean and the atmosphere, both separately and as a coupled system.

The principal focus of these investigations is to provide knowledge that will ultimately lead to improved prediction and forecasting of severe storms, better utilization and management of marine resources, better understanding of the factors affecting both climate and environmental quality, and improved ocean and weather services for the nation.

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At AOML, scientists are studying hurricanes, ocean current and temperature structures, ocean/atmosphere chemical exchanges and the coastal ocean. To accomplish our goals, we use research ships and aircraft, volunteer observing ships (VOS), radar, acoustics, drifting buoys and many other types of instrumentation as well as numerical and statistical models. The results of these efforts are reflected in various products and services in addition to publications and reports. Close partnerships with the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, also located on Virginia Key, provide many mutually beneficial opportunities for collaboration.

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